Kayla Itsines BBG Workout – Is It All That It’s Cracked Up To Be?

BBG workout reviews

With a world full of skeptics, there are many who will be asking this question and as one that has successfully completed the program, I can answer with a resounding YES! Always an overweight child, I struggled to reveal the real me, I avoided being the center of attention and hid in the shadows of my friends. I knew I had it in me to change, I just needed a push in the right direction.

I came across a Kayla Itsines BBG Workout Review while searching the internet and was astonished by the results that were splashed across the pages. I looked up more BBG workout reviews and they all seemed to reveal so many that had been helped out of the same situation as me, but could it do the same for me?

I decided now was the time to take control of my life, my future, my body. I was on tender hooks while I made my purchase online. I didn’t tell anyone what my plan was for fear that I might fail and the imminent “I knew you wouldn’t last” comments I had heard so many times before. The following day would be the start to my new book, a clean page and I was ready for it.

The BBG workout program was designed especially for people like me which made it quite easy to follow. The exercise regime didn’t expect miracles from me to begin with and encouraged me to go slowly at the start and work myself up in pace and intensity. As my fitness levels, flexibility and confidence began to grow I pushed myself a little further each day. I could feel the difference in my muscles, notice the changes in my body shape and that alone fueled me on, driving me towards my goal weight. Summer was three months away and for once I didn’t want to have to swim wearing a pair of trunks and a t-shirt for fear of revealing my rolls.

I realized that part of this program, as a lifestyle change, would involve changing my eating habits and incorporating healthier meals into my daily routine. I carefully followed the diet plan included in the system and began to feel the changes in my energy levels and moods almost instantly. I was more bright-eyed, enthusiastic and definitely more mentally alert than before. It felt fantastic.

As the weeks progressed and my friends and family started to notice the changes, I reveled in their praises as they spurned me on to success. For once they encourage me rather than setting me up for defeat from the start. I was a new person. I began to come out of the shadows and take center stage. I was me and everybody would finally know who that was.

I stuck to the regime for 12 weeks and continued to do a further 12 week program which was included in the system. My lifestyle has totally been transformed and I could never imagine going back to my old ways. Yes, of course I miss my guilty pleasures but that is what is so fantastic about this program. The more you tell yourself you can’t have something, the more you want it. Kayla Itsines BBG Workouts allows you to indulge once in a while to get that urge out of your system. Of course, over indulgence is not an option but why would I want to do that and jeopardize what I have worked so hard for.

Thank you Kayla Itsines for changing my life, or should I say bringing me back to life.