Why You Should Swim For Exercise

Swimming is without a doubt one of the best exercises you can do for your body. It is low-impact and doesn’t require you to purchase a load of gym gear – just a towel, suit and goggles for swimmers to protect your eyes.

What does a regular swim do for you?

1. Delays the process of aging

It has been proven that swimming is a great help in combating the aging process. Although the latter is impossible to avoid, swimming can significantly delay its development, helping us to stay young.

goggles for swimmers

2. Helps increase our motor capacity

Thanks to the type of activity that has to be performed when nothing is done, our body is more alert, in addition to our motor capacity increases. As we know, swimming involves coordinating our limbs and breathing. Likewise, swimming helps us to have a better balance and to have a reaction time more efficient and fast.

3. Improve memory

Another benefit of swimming is that activity or exercise enhances our memory. Among other things, this is due to the breathing exercises that are practiced swimming, which oxygenate to improve how the brain, in addition to motor coordination causes our brains to create new neural links.

4. Burn more calories

Being a very comprehensive exercise, swimming is one of the best options to burn higher amounts of calories. Of course, this is because the water causes our limbs have to make a greater effort to move. This means that our muscles work five to six times more than on land. Swimming allows us to burn 600 calories an hour before.

5. Makes your body stronger

Swimming makes our body more resistant because, on the one hand, it helps us to develop a much larger lung capacity. Obviously, this means that when swimming we acquire a greater capacity of anaerobic resistance. On the other hand, swimming has an impact on the strengthening of our bones, so our body in general is much stronger.

6. Gives greater flexibility

Another very important benefit that swimming gives us is the elasticity and flexibility of our body. Because we use the limbs to practice it, swimming allows us to have greater mobility, exercising the joints. As a result we gain greater flexibility, raising our range of motion.

7. Promotes the proper functioning of the cardio-respiratory system

As we have already mentioned, swimming helps to strengthen your breathing. When we swim we need to perform breathing exercises, which have a positive effect on our body. Primarily, this causes increased lung capacity and our brain is oxygenated.

8. Eliminate Back Pain

Currently, many specialists recommend hydrotherapy to cure certain ailments, especially muscular pains. One of the areas most benefited in this respect is the back: swimming constantly can decrease or cure back pain and increase the flexibility of it. Also, swimming is also used in therapies for people with motor problems.

If you do decide to start swimming regularly, remember to use goggles for swimmers. These will make swimming easier and more convenient for you.